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To join the AMA, simply complete the online form below. If you would prefer to download a file you can make a paper copy of, click the download button below. If you would prefer to pay by cheque or cash, please include this in the form below and we will be only too happy to accommodate you.

Prior to joining the AMA, please download and review our AMA professionalization document before applying for a membership by clicking the download button below.


Joining the AMA will automatically include you on our mailing list, which will allow us to keep you informed of upcoming events and special projects.  Finally, joining the AMA will allow you to work together with a dynamic, motivated group of individuals to make a difference to Manitoba’s past, present and future.

If you would like to aid the restart of the AMA by giving a donation, we will happily accept, but donors need to be aware that the AMA is not a charitable organization, therefore no tax credits will apply to the donation.


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Annual General Membership – $25


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In an effort to be environmentally friendly, the AMA will correspond only through email, unless otherwise requested.